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Best Flooring for Pets And Kids

A family with kids and a pet playing on the floor

As long as people have had children and pets, people have been discussing how to best accommodate their homes for their children and pets. When it comes down to it, yes, certain flooring types make the inevitable clean-ups easier. Below are two popular flooring choices for those who have pets and kids. Vinyl Now, we’re not listing… Read more »

Best Flooring Options for Your Kitchen

Kitchen with a stone flooring

Whether you cook daily, or mainly travel into the kitchen to toss out some takeout containers, it’s a good idea to have sturdy, reliable flooring in your kitchen! Ideally, your kitchen floor can handle spills, items falling, and is low maintenance. You may wonder where to begin and how to decide with so many great… Read more »

Cleaning Tips for Each Type of Flooring

Mop on a floor, cleaning

Summer is here, and with it comes a great time to look at your flooring and give it a good clean. Yes, even if you did your spring cleaning, giving your floors a deep clean is never a bad idea. Summer brings fun, but it also brings mud, sand, and sticky treats such as ice… Read more »

Should You Have Cohesive Flooring Throughout Your Home?

Hardwood flooring spanning from kitchen to living room in open concept home

Choosing the right type of flooring for your home is an essential, but often difficult, task. Your floors will not only support you underfoot, but they will also help set the atmosphere and style of each room. Not to mention, flooring is the largest part of any space, and often the first aspect people notice…. Read more »

3 Popular Hardwood Floor Types

Closeup of hardwood flooring

When you’re interested in adding hardwood flooring to your home and are unsure of which wood you would like installed, there are several popular options you’ll be sure to love. Whether you select oak, maple or hickory hardwood flooring, you’ll be providing your kitchen, family room, bedrooms, hallways and any other space with a beautiful… Read more »

How To Clean Hardwood Floors

Cleaning Supplies to care for Hardwood Flooring

  Hardwood floors are a quality investment for your home. They are easy to maintain, last a lifetime, and increase your property value. With spring just around the corner, now is a great time to start preparing for the season with a thorough clean up. Although hardwood floors don’t require a lot of maintenance, most… Read more »

Benefits of Installing Hardwood Flooring

young woman walking in the house on the warm floor

Hardwood floors have a classic look that is simple and easy to maintain. There are many benefits to installing hardwood flooring in your home. This is also something people look for when shopping for a new home. According to a report, hardwood flooring increases home value by at least 3-5%. This is great for… Read more »

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Flooring Samples

Installing hardwood floors provides homeowners with many advantages. Outside the fact hardwood flooring will look amazing once you it put in, it’s also easy to maintain over time. Plus, hardwood flooring will increase the value of your home and make it simple to sell one day when you eventually put it up on the market…. Read more »

How Do Hardwood Floors Get Damaged?

parquet lifted up under influence of destructive elements

Many people have hardwood floors and love the look– but hardwood floors can and do get damaged. Their natural beauty can be marred by a variety of factors, including the lack of maintenance, spills that don’t get cleaned up right away, and something as simple as the lack of a “welcome mat” to catch all… Read more »

Engineered vs Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood vs Engineered Floored

Are you interested in installing hardwood flooring throughout your home? You might not realize that there are actually two different types of hardwood flooring available. You have the option of going with either solid hardwood flooring or engineered hardwood flooring. Continue reading to see what each of these hardwood flooring options has to offer. What… Read more »

Questions to Ask When Shopping for Flooring For Your Home

Buying New Flooring For Your Home

Shopping for flooring can be an exhaustive process. There are so many flooring options available, which can make it difficult to narrow down your search and find the right one for your home. You can make your search slightly easier by asking the right questions to an associate when shopping for flooring. Check out several… Read more »

Which Rooms Are Ideal for Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood Flooring

Carpet Closeouts may be known for carpeting, since it is in our name, but we also sell hardwood flooring, too. Which rooms in a person’s house are ideal for hardwood flooring? Living Room First, consider the living room, where people tend to congregate, relax, watch TV and/or eat snacks. The living room is often the… Read more »

Why Is My Hardwood Floor Squeaking?

Squeaking Hardwood Floors

Undoubtedly, installing hardwood flooring in your home has many advantages. It will make any space look more beautiful, and it will also raise your property value right away. However, one of the downsides of having hardwood floors is that they can start to squeak over time and annoy you and your family members. Check out… Read more »

The Pros of Hardwood Flooring

Installing Hardwood Flooring

When you decide to install new flooring in your home, you will have many different options to choose from. Some people will settle on carpeting, while others will go with tile. Nevertheless, one of your best options is hardwood flooring. There are many advantages to hardwood flooring; check out a few of them below. It… Read more »

Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Hardwood Floors

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Just like you would regularly vacuum carpeting, hardwood floors need regular care and cleaning, too. One of the best ways to help ensure your hardwood flooring lasts a long time and looks good for years is to get in the habit of dusting it habitually. By dusting your floor daily, you’re getting both dust and… Read more »

Is Hardwood Flooring Waterproof?

Hardwood Flooring

When you install hardwood flooring in your home, you can rest easy at night knowing that you have some of the most durable flooring in the world in your house. While hardwood floors aren’t necessarily indestructible, they will stand up to almost anything you throw at them. They are great for people with pets and… Read more »

Should I Choose Carpeting or Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood Flooring vs Carpeting

Carpeting—or hardwood flooring? It’s a question that many homeowners ask themselves when it’s time to replace the flooring in their houses. Both are excellent options and both come with their own advantages. Check out some of those advantages below and carefully consider them before deciding which would be best for you. The Advantages of Carpeting… Read more »

When Should You Refinish Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood Floors

Refinishing hardwood floors is a great way to breathe some life back into your home’s flooring. If your floors have seen better days, then you might want to reconsider doing it. However, you also don’t want to do it too soon. You could potentially sand away some of the patterns that have been ingrained into… Read more »

What Materials Are NBA Hardwood Floors Made From?

NBA Hardwood Floors

There are a number of things that the NBA needs in order to host a game. They, of course, need players, coaches, referees, and fans. They also need basketballs and basketball hoops. However, one of the most important aspects of any NBA game is the hardwood flooring that is used to build the court. Without… Read more »

The Process of Buffing a Hardwood Floor

Buffing Hardwood Floors

Have the hardwood floors in your home seen better days? You could hire someone to come in and refinish them for you. However, you can also buff hardwood floors and bring them back to life at just a fraction of the cost of refinishing. Before you start the buffing process, though, you will need to… Read more »

Pet Owners Should Keep These Flooring Options in Mind

If you have a pet, especially a pet that has not been house-trained yet, carpeting is easily the worst flooring option for your home. Pet owners will often find that their pets will destroy their carpets rather easily, often through no fault of their own. From urine and pet dander to hair and fur, you… Read more »

Can Hardwood Floors Increase Your Home’s Resale Value?

When you put your home up on the market and start trying to sell it, your goal is to make as much money as possible. You can do this by increasing the curb appeal of your home, staging the inside of it, and listing it with a quality real estate agent. You can also do… Read more »

Did You Know Hardwood Floors have Environmental Benefits?

There are many benefits that come along with installing hardwood floors in your home. Hardwood floors will obviously look beautiful and make your home look better than it does now. They will also likely increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to buyers at some point down the road. However, those… Read more »

What Are the Environmental Benefits of Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood Flooring sample

You might think that putting hardwood floors down in your home is bad for the environment. After all, don’t companies have to cut down trees in order to produce hardwood flooring? The answer is obviously yes, but in reality, hardwood flooring is actually way more eco-friendly than other flooring options. Here are some of the… Read more »

How to Clean a Hardwood Floor

Cleaning Hardwood Floors with Mop

Hardwood floors are beautiful and will be a great addition to your home. But once you have them installed, it’s important for you to take good care of them to keep them looking their best. If you fail to do this, it won’t be long before your floors are looking faded and beat up, so… Read more »

What is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Cutting Vinyl Plank Flooring

Hardwood floors can be expensive, but there’s a viable alternative. It’s called vinyl plank flooring, and it looks just like hardwood but at a fraction of the cost. Are you thinking of new flooring in your home? Do you love the idea of hardwood but don’t want to spend so much money on its installation?… Read more »

What Could Harm Your Hardwood Floors

Living Area with Hardwood Floors

Wood is trending and many people are switching over to hardwood floors. Hardwood floors can open up a room, provide a sleeker look, and be easily maintained. In order to keep your hardwood floors looking good, it is important to care for them properly. However, there are several things that many people do often that… Read more »