Why Is My Hardwood Floor Squeaking?

Squeaking Hardwood Floors Undoubtedly, installing hardwood flooring in your home has many advantages. It will make any space look more beautiful, and it will also raise your property value right away. However, one of the downsides of having hardwood floors is that they can start to squeak over time and annoy you and your family members. Check out some of the reasons why your hardwood flooring might squeak.

Your hardwood flooring is moving when you walk on it.

Ideally, your hardwood flooring should be nailed and glued down to the subfloor located underneath of it. However, if your flooring wasn’t installed properly or if your flooring has started to separate from your subfloor over time, your hardwood floors will often make noise and squeak.

Your hardwood flooring has gaps in between pieces of wood.

There are going to be gaps that form in between the wooden pieces used to construct your hardwood flooring. Those gaps will likely get bigger or smaller depending on the temperature and the season. They can cause squeaking to occur. You should try to keep the temperature inside of your home consistent to prevent your wood floors from being affected by it.

Your hardwood flooring has boards that are rubbing up against each other.

A few things can cause boards within hardwood flooring to get too close to one another. In some cases, it will be because the hardwood flooring was installed improperly. In others, it will simply be because of the temperature. Your boards may also shift over the years and get too close. Regardless of the reason, boards can rub up against each other and cause squeaking to take place.

If you want to avoid having your hardwood floors squeak, you should pick out the right kind of flooring and have your floors installed by a pro. Call Carpet Closeouts