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The Benefits of Laminate Flooring

The Benefits of Laminate Flooring

People of a certain age have an impression of “laminate flooring.” Laminate was originally created as an affordable alternative to hardwood and came into vogue in the 1970s. It was affordable but tended to look “fake” or “plastic-y.” Today’s laminate flooring, however, looks so “real” that experts even have difficulty telling the difference between laminate versus actual hardwood.

Thanks to advances in technology, finishes and printing, laminate flooring looks better than ever, while still providing an amazing value for the money. Easy to install and easy to maintain, laminate flooring is visually stunning, extremely durable, and quick to clean. You can easily vacuum up dirt and dust or use a broom or damp mop– plus, it’s scratch resistant. No wonder laminate flooring is popular for high-traffic areas.

AZ Carpet Closeouts of Phoenix is the place to shop for laminate wood flooring. You can easily shop for different tints, textures, thickness and brand name to find a laminate to match any style or décor.

Laminate wood flooring copies the natural rich tones of different wood varieties to create the exquisite sheen of hardwood without the cost. AZ Carpet Closeouts’ laminate floors are affordable alternatives that perfectly mimic the elegance and beauty of authentic hardwood. Meanwhile, the flexible composition of laminate flooring also makes it more resistant to cracks, scars, mold and decay that can warp and degrade hardwood over time.

Browse AZ Carpet Closeouts’ high quality laminates to find attractive flooring for your Arizona living room, kitchen or other space that will last for years to come. Buy online or call 602-493-7700 with any questions.


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  1. Unhappy Sorry to hear that the flooring is cupping, Anytime the edges of hardwood flooring cup there is or was a presence of excessive moisture within the environment. Did the installer let the flooring acclimate? What did they use for a moisture retarder underlayment paper? What is the home’s Relative humidity. If the inspection was done weeks or months after noticing the problem, the RL or excessive moisture could have dissipated. You might want to run an air conditioner or dehumidifier for several weeks which may pull out the remaining excess moisture out of the wood and the flooring may return to normal. Cupping is not covered in manufacturers warranties. Normal moisture content in Hardwood flooring should be between 6-12 % which equals 40-55% Relative humidity, if the relative humidity level in the home rises for an extended period of time the flooring absorbs this moisture and the edges of the flooring cup upward. The same thing can happen in reverse: if the wood dries out too much it will leave gaps between the floor boards.

  2. My wife and I have been thinking about changing some of the flooring in our house, and wasn’t sure what to go with. I really like that laminate floorings actually imitate the natural tones of the different woods. Since my wife loves the look of wood, it would be nice to get something that looks similar, but is cheaper.

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