Best Flooring Options for Your Kitchen

Kitchen with a stone flooring

Whether you cook daily, or mainly travel into the kitchen to toss out some takeout containers, it’s a good idea to have sturdy, reliable flooring in your kitchen! Ideally, your kitchen floor can handle spills, items falling, and is low maintenance. You may wonder where to begin and how to decide with so many great options. The choices can get overwhelming, but the professionals here at Carpet Closeouts can help! We are experts on all the flooring we offer, and can help you narrow down your decision. Below are a few of our choices for kitchen floors, along with their key benefits!


Vinyl is a great option for kitchen flooring for many reasons! The main reason is its durability, but it is also waterproof! Vinyl is a great option for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Another benefit of vinyl flooring is that you can have it in any style that suits you! At Carpet Closeouts, we have 70 different styles and color combinations. So, you can choose vinyl that emulates hardwood or tile but still have all the benefits of vinyl flooring!

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is another incredibly durable option! While they aren’t waterproof, they are easy to clean. So, giving it a quick wipe before properly mopping it later will do the trick when a spill occurs!

Many people like to do hardwood so they can have cohesive flooring throughout their space. Having cohesive flooring allows you to dictate the aesthetic of your area. For a modern and open look, cohesive flooring is key! It also makes cleaning easier, as you can use the same cleaner on each part!


Tile flooring is likely what many people think of when they think of kitchen flooring. Like the above options, it is known for its durability, stain, and water resistance! There are many different types and styles of tile to choose from, making it an incredibly versatile option! Not only that, but tile flooring is easy to maintain; the only addition outside normal cleaning is applying a sealant every once in a while. It’s also eco-friendly, as most modern tile is made from recycled materials!

Whichever option you choose, you will have a durable, easy-to-clean kitchen floor- which is the best type of floor! While we don’t recommend full carpeting in your kitchen, we do recommend an area rug in areas where you may be standing for extended periods, such as in front of the sink.

Here at Carpet Closeouts, we are Phoenix’s premier premium flooring retailer. We pride ourselves on providing you with excellent quality flooring at affordable costs. We have every type of flooring to give you not only a perfect kitchen, but a perfect home! We have all of the above-listed flooring, plus several types of carpeting. To get a quote or to get started on updating your flooring, give us a call at 602-493-7700.