What Could Harm Your Hardwood Floors

Wood is trending and many people are switching over to hardwood floors. Hardwood floors can open up a room, provide a sleeker look, and be easily maintained.

In order to keep your hardwood floors looking good, it is important to care for them properly. However, there are several things that many people do often that can harm hardwood floors without even realizing it.

Mats Do Matter

Many people often don’t want to cover their floors with mats, such as welcome mats or the mats you put in front of the sink, but putting a mat down is an important part of maintaining hardwood floors. If you wipe your feet on an outside mat prior to walking inside, your feet will be pretty much clear of stones and dirt, preventing shoes from wearing the hardwood when entering the home. You should also keep mats in front of sinks, where your floor likely has “high traffic,” in order to prevent it from getting worn. Soiled shoes and frequent traffic can really make hardwood floors dull.

Focus on Furniture

It might be easy to move furniture around on wooden floors, but it will take a major toll on your floors if you do so. Furniture can easily slide on wooden floors, and although that can be convenient for the constant redecorator, it can really ruin hardwood floors if you are pulling heavy furniture across the bare wood. Instead, purchase furniture pads which are extremely cheap and put them on the legs of your furniture to prevent it from scratching and scuffing the wood.

Keep Nails Cut

Although we all love and adore our furry friends, they can take quite a toll on our floors and our homes in general. Accidents are relatively easy to clean up on hardwood floors which is a major benefit. However, if your pet has long nails, your pet might be taking quite a toll on your floors. If you have a dog that loves to run across your floors when you come in, make sure you keep their nails at a reasonable length. Otherwise, your floors can get easily scratched up which will become obvious over time.

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