Best Flooring for Pets And Kids

A family with kids and a pet playing on the floor

As long as people have had children and pets, people have been discussing how to best accommodate their homes for their children and pets. When it comes down to it, yes, certain flooring types make the inevitable clean-ups easier. Below are two popular flooring choices for those who have pets and kids.


Now, we’re not listing these in any particular order. However, if we were, vinyl would still be the first choice. Vinyl flooring is incredibly durable, has a wide array of designs, and is a breeze to clean. Due to this, it is a top choice for those with pets and children. Any spills can be quickly wiped up, and any dust can be swept effortlessly. From potty training to puppy training- vinyl is up to the task!


Hardwood is also an amazing choice for those with pets and children. Hardwood is great as it doesn’t trap dirt, dust, or fur. It also cleans up easily, making it a time-saving, easy choice! Should someone have an accident or a bowl of food get tossed off a table, a simple mop is all it takes to do a quick clean-up!

Bonus: for added padding for young kids, you can always include an area rug!

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