What Materials Are NBA Hardwood Floors Made From?

NBA Hardwood FloorsThere are a number of things that the NBA needs in order to host a game. They, of course, need players, coaches, referees, and fans. They also need basketballs and basketball hoops. However, one of the most important aspects of any NBA game is the hardwood flooring that is used to build the court. Without the hardwood floors, it would be impossible to hold games. Here are some things you might not know about NBA hardwood floors.

Almost all NBA hardwood floors are made from the same kind of wood.

While all 30 NBA teams use hardwood flooring that looks different, almost all of it comes from the same place. Acer saccharum or hard maple wood is used to construct 29 of the 30 NBA hardwood floors. This type of maple wood is most often found in the Midwest part of the country in states like Wisconsin and Michigan.

The NBA relies on three hardwood companies for their flooring.

The NBA asks its teams to replace their hardwood floors at least once every 10 years, so teams are constantly replacing flooring. To do this, they work with one of three companies that the NBA utilizes. Horner, Robbins, and Connor Sports Flooring are the companies the NBA trusts most to create its hardwood floors.

The sub-flooring systems underneath the hardwood flooring is as important as the flooring itself.

While the hardwood flooring is what people see when they show up for a game, it’s the subflooring systems underneath the NBA’s hardwood floors that make games possible. These systems consist of plywood, cushioning, and more and are specifically designed to provide players with a comfortable surface and to allow for basketballs to bounce the way you would expect them to on a hardwood surface.

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