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Custom Made Area Rugs at Half the Price


The desire to take something you love and use it to make something else is pretty common. When shoppers at our discount carpet store in Phoenix, Arizona see a pattern they like, we watch their imaginations run wild, as they dream of it being used for different purposes and in various areas of their home.


At Carpet Closeouts, you have an opportunity to turn this into a reality, by having our staff make you a new, custom area rug out of carpeting available in our store. The best part is that having an area rug custom made at Carpet Closeouts is even cheaper than what you would typically pay for a ready-made rug. You might pay half as much as you would for a comparable rug.


Start the creation process by choosing a carpet. You can browse our huge selection right on our website, which organizes carpeting by color, style, application, stain, and width. We carry high-end thick shags, floral prints, animal prints, geometrics, graphics, and more. Just about anything you can imagine, we’re sure to at least get close to it.


Once you’ve found the perfect pattern and color, we can cut it to any size or shape and add edging. You could outfit your entire home with perfectly fitting area rugs that look just right with the surrounding decorations. Gone are the days of going back and forth between the rug store and your home, hoping that certain rugs will fit with certain rooms. Now, you can choose the pattern for any given room and have the carpet cut to the perfect size. No more “standard” rug sizes or shapes—everything is custom!


Once you begin to imagine the possibilities, you can make them a reality right here at the Carpet Closeouts store in Phoenix, Arizona. Stop in to explore your carpeting options and begin creating the perfect custom area rugs for your home.




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