Which Rooms Are Ideal for Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood FlooringCarpet Closeouts may be known for carpeting, since it is in our name, but we also sell hardwood flooring, too. Which rooms in a person’s house are ideal for hardwood flooring?

Living Room

First, consider the living room, where people tend to congregate, relax, watch TV and/or eat snacks. The living room is often the main gathering spot in a house for families and get-togethers when visitors pay a visit. In some ways, the living room is the main room in a house, a showplace of sorts, at least when it comes to spending time with guests, right? So living rooms are great for hardwood floors, along with–perhaps– some accent rugs to keep feet warm. Having hardwood floors means if anyone spills something, it can be easily wiped up. They also make a house look inviting and elegant.

Eating Rooms

From the living room to the dining room, it also makes sense to have hardwood floors where people eat meals. Again, that way if something spills it can easily be cleaned. Chairs that are moved around a lot can have soft pads places on their bases so they won’t disturb the wood.

Food and drink do seem to be a running theme when it comes to hardwood flooring… so consider it for the kitchen, as well. Hardwood floors are clean-looking, durable and popular in one of the most used rooms in a home– the kitchen.

Offices and Master Bedrooms

Other rooms that might look nice and function well with hardwood floors include the home office and master bedroom. Those who like a classy, sophisticated look, and/or want a “natural” feeling in their home can enjoy hardwood floors in some or all of their rooms. In the end, it’s all about a person’s preference, isn’t it?

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