Caress by Shaw Carpets at Carpet Closeouts


Carpet Closeouts is proud to announce that we are currently carrying Caress carpets by Shaw floors. These nylon fiber carpets were inspired by sources from Mother Earth, resulting in super soft, natural looking flooring that’s built to last. This high-end carpeting is being offered by Carpet Closeouts at discount prices, making now the perfect time to improve the floors in those special rooms of the house.


The carpet comes in four distinct styles. The Aquatic Art and Artisan styles both employ loop patterns, with the Aquatic Art adding a “sea scroll” design. Acapella style provides a solid color, geometric pattern, while Angora is a textured carpet with flecks of dark color and comes in three different weights. Each of these styles is available in a variety of colors that Shaw separates into four categories: blues and grays, earthy browns, oranges and golds, and neutrals. Looking at the carpets might harken the image of a sandy beach, rocky ocean shores or the feathers of a beautiful bird.


Caress carpets are made with soft Anso nylon, a durable material that retains its appearance and texture very well over time. It will look new longer and is perfect for busy households that want to remain stylish. The crossbond technology twistlock helps to make soft Anso 20% tougher than other nylon. Caress carpets are also equipped with the r2x carpet stain and soil repelling system, which buys you more time to clean a dreaded spill.


This high-end carpet comes with a warranty that matches its premium quality. In addition to a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee, the Caress by Shaw carpet comes with lifetime coverage for stain and soil, including pet stains. It’s also covered for 20 years in areas of texture retention, abrasive wear, quality assurance, and Softbac backing. When its lifespan has run its course, the carpet is fully recyclable.


Those looking to experience a new level of comfort, both in style and substance, should check out Carpet Closeout’s supply of Caress by Shaw carpets before they’re gone!