Discount Residential Carpets

Few things can a make turn a house into a home quicker than new carpeting. New carpeting provides both functional value and a touch of panache.

When you’re looking for reliable carpeting options at an affordable price, look no further than Carpet Closeouts. Located in Phoenix, AZ, we offer discount residential carpeting to customers both in the area and across the country. That’s right – we will ship anywhere in the United States. From deep, soft carpets that are ideal for living rooms to vibrant, colorful carpeting that won’t fade, we carry an extensive selection to meet your every need.

We carry top brands from leading residential carpet manufacturers, providing our customers with smooth, attractive and long lasting carpeting they’re anxious to show off to friends and family. We have numerous options from all sorts of reputable brands, including but not limited to Aladdin, Queen Carpets, Mohawk, Royal Carpet Mills, Tuftex and Shaw.

From deep, soft carpets that are ideal for living rooms to multi-colored carpeting that won’t fade, we carry an extensive selection to meet your every need.

Find the Right Carpet For Your Home!

There are many reasons why you should consider buying a new carpet for your home. For starters, carpeting will make your home more aesthetically pleasing. Here at Carpet Closeouts, we offer carpeting in a wide array of colors, styles and shapes, ensuring you can match your ideal carpet to the overall décor theme of your home.

Another advantage to carpeting is it makes homes safer for children, elders and pets. The extra cushion and padding provides protection from falls and padding for busy, playing feet. Further, carpeting is much easier on backs, knees and achy joints.

Moreover, carpeting is an affordable flooring option for homeowners or apartment dwellers—especially when you purchase from a discount store that can pass tremendous savings on to customers. Between the expenses of materials, installation and maintenance, carpeting tends to be a far more economical option when compared to other flooring solutions.

What’s more, residential carpeting is a major asset when it comes to suppressing noise. If you’re putting carpeting in a busy room that you know will be loud, such a mini movie theater or a room where you’ll play musical instruments, then you’ll want to consider carpeting. Carpeting will help improve the acoustics of said room and prevent the noise from traveling throughout the house. Carpets actually absorb the noise, unlike other options which tend to reverberate it.

Of course, carpeting also provides warmth and coziness, which is really nice in the winter, even in warmer climates. Put simply, the right carpeting can really make a home or apartment feel whole, while simultaneously augmenting the overall the look of it.

For many years, Carpet Closeouts has been the go to source for customers in search of discount home carpeting. When you’re in the market for residential carpeting in Phoenix, we’ll provide you with options in a wide array of color, shapes and designs. To learn more about how we can help you find the right carpeting for your home, contact us today at (602) 493-7700.