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“Chocolate Festival” at Carpet Closeouts


Everybody loves chocolate. Studies have shown that just the smell of chocolate causes brain waves to promote relaxation.  Chocolate of the dark variety has a multitude of health benefits, improving blood flow and acting as an anti-inflammatory antioxidant. Not to mention, it’s incredibly delicious.


Since the things we love tend to inspire great decorating, chocolate-brown has become quite popular as a color for carpeting and other flooring. To take advantage, we here at Carpet Closeouts have decided to launch a “Chocolate Festival”, with a 30% discount on chocolate-brown colored flooring, including carpets as well as vinyl and wood flooring.


Our selection of chocolate-brown carpets includes berbers, thick plushes, patterned styles, and commercial carpets. For chocolate-brown vinyl, we have a wood grain planks look. Our chocolate-brown wood flooring consists of hand scraped, distressed items.


This sale applies only to in-stock items, and only while they last. Stop in to the store or give us a call for more details on the “Chocolate Festival”.


Without taking advantage of this special offer, you might need some help getting chocolate out of your non-chocolate colored carpet. Check out the video below for a guide on how to remove it.





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