Carpet Closeouts is a family owned business that provides our customers with grand savings on carpets from some of the most reputable brands in the industry. We offer a wide array of carpeting options for both residential and commercial clients, including selections from (among others) Aladdin, Mohawk, Dixie, Masland, Phenix, Dreamweaver, Couristan, Shaw and Tuftex.

Conveniently, we offer myriad style and color combinations. As such, we make sure our customers have an opportunity to find the right carpet for their specific needs, rather than having to settle. We can help you find the ideal carpet for your home or business that complements your overall décor. The right carpeting will make a home or business more visually pleasing and functional!

Best of all, when you shop with Carpet Closeouts, you can achieve unbelievable savings of up to 50% off regular retail pricing on both residential and commercial carpets! With that in mind, what are some things you should consider when purchasing a residential or commercial carpet?

Considerations When Buying a Residential Carpet

If you’re looking for a new carpet for your home, you’ll want to take a look at different samples and determine which fabric is best for you. You’ll be amazed at the new technologies featured in carpet fabrics, including Stainmaster, which helps keep your carpet looking new while protecting it from stains and other blemishes. What’s more, many of the carpets sold by us are made from green materials, meaning they’re environmentally friendly options.

Additionally, it’s important to search for the right styles, such as plush or textured, as well artful designs and shapes that you feel would best suit your home.

When shopping for a residential carpet, it’s vital you keep padding and cushioning in mind. After all, you’ll want something that is comfortable to walk on, and if you have children and/or pets, something that’s comfortable for them to play atop. Further, if you do have children and/or pets, you may want to prioritize purchasing a carpet that is stain resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

You’ll want to determine all the places in your home that you’ll want carpeting. For example, stairs are of course a high foot traffic area, so having soft, fluffy carpeting atop them is a a prudent decision.

Considerations When Buying a Commercial Carpet

The carpeting needs of a business are often much different than those of a homeowner. After all, it’s likely a business will have far more foot traffic than a typical residential rug would, and more often than not, commercial carpeting will be sullied with all sorts of different stains, dirt and other debris. As such, if you’re a business owner, it’s vital you invest in carpeting that is durable enough to withstand a great deal of foot traffic and is resistant to the different stains it may have to endure.

Moreover, commercial carpeting must be robust enough to handle desks, chairs and other equipment. You’ll also want carpeting that improves the acoustics of a given room in your business.

Regardless of whether you’re shopping for commercial or residential carpeting, the experts at Carpet Closeouts are here to help. At Carpet Closeouts, you can enjoy discount residential carpeting and commercial carpeting from the most trusted brands at the most affordable price points.

To learn more about the current options in our inventory and to obtain assistance selecting the right carpeting for your needs, fill out an online form or gives us a call at (602) 493-7700.