Read This Before Choosing Hardwood Flooring Over a SmartStrand Carpet

If you’re remodeling a room, or even building a custom home, you obviously have a lot of choices to make and setbacks to consider. Your largest decision, perhaps, is deciding whether you want carpet or hardwood flooring throughout your home.

Most of the time, and we’re not being biased, carpets are the better choice. However, given your lifestyle or plans for the future, you might want to go with hardwood. The trick is to determine your goal for your room, and then align your flooring choice accordingly. Consult the lists below to consider which is right for your home.

Considering Carpet throughout the Home?

  • Carpets are quiet and comfortable. They insulate the ground, keeping your feet cozy and warm while keeping the noise to a minimum.
  • Carpets are a nice respite from the hard ground, on which we spend most of the day standing.
  • People who work long hours, runners, and those with joint paint should always opt for a carpet and the plushier it is the better.
  • With many hypoallergenic and eco-friendly solutions, carpets are a great way to go for those with allergies or sensitivities.
  • With new stain resistant solutions, carpets can last a very long time. However, they will eventually need replacing.
  • Some carpets absorb dirt easily, but if you go with a SmartStrand carpet, you’ll never have to worry about arduous cleaning efforts.

Considering Hardwood Flooring throughout the Home?

  • While aesthetically pleasing, hardwood flooring is not ideal for those with children or brittle bones.
  • Hardwood floors are cooler in the summer, but also the winter.
  • Hardwood flooring goes great with rustic themed décor.
  • Wood flooring gives off a youthful, contemporary look.
  • Pets can scratch the hardwood, even with short nails.
  • Always easy to clean, and spills are no big deal.
  • Holds no allergens or dust