Holidays, Stains, and Spills, Oh My! A Quick Guide to Common Holiday Clean Ups

Wine spilled on carpet

As the holiday season approaches, there are many fun activities to look forward to! With this season, many kids will be home from school- be it for breaks or a snow day; meaning that there will likely be many days filled with arts and crafts or making homemade gifts! If your home tends to be the hub for most gatherings, you may also be getting ready to open the nice wine for your guests.

With these, however, come certain messes. Keep calm, don’t panic. While we can’t predict everything that may happen, we can give you some common flooring messes, how to clean them, and what to do if cleaning won’t work.

Glitter (and Glue!)

Whether you’re crafting homemade decorations or pulling out the craft bin for a snow day, messes are bound to happen. Some common craft messes involved: glitter, glue, and, well, glitter glue!  

Carpet: Start by vacuuming. After a couple of passes, your best bet is to take a lint roller to your rug to pick up any extra. Glitter is almost ever-present- so if time goes on and you keep finding it, keep vacuuming and lint rolling!

For glue: try one teaspoon of ammonia-based cleaner mixed with one cup of warm water. Gently dab on the glue- it should begin to lift.

Vinyl, Hardwood, Tile: Sweep (make sure to clean your broom after), then wipe with a wet rag, rinsing between wipes. Any leftovers can be picked up with some tape or a lint roller!

For glue: the main concern is using an agent that could strip your flooring. Start with non-harsh agents, like petroleum jelly. You could also try light scraping with a plastic card.


While any wine should be cleaned up quickly, red wine tends to be the more daunting culprit!

Carpet: Time is everything here. Immediately blot the stain up and try lifting the stain with club soda. If that doesn’t work, mix two parts of hydrogen peroxide and one part dishwashing soap. Apply, let it sit, blot, and repeat.

Vinyl, Hardwood, Tile: The biggest concern is if the wine soaks into natural tile or grout. Immediately wipe up any wine, mix warm water and dish soap and begin blotting the stain.

Sometimes these things just can’t come out. At this point, it may be time to look for new flooring, carpeting, or a custom rug to hide any staining or leftover glue!

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