Upcoming Flooring Trends

A room with light neutral hardwood flooring and a light gray area rug

Flooring trends change frequently and are indicative of the times. While some people like to look back at trends and their evolution to find a flooring choice, some choose to look towards the future for inspiration.

Whether you’re preparing for a move or looking to re-do some of your flooring, choosing flooring that you love is important. If you need a little bit of inspiration, however, or you are looking to upgrade a home to sell, and want it to be on trend, look no further! Below are some of the predicted flooring trends for 2023!

Cool-Toned Neutrals

Cool-toned neutral colors are a verge large part of housing trends right now. These color options are not only popular in walls and décor, but also in flooring! More consumers prefer to swap their warm-toned wood floors in favor of light, cool-toned neutral colors. Some examples of this are gray, white, and taupe wooden floors.

Rustic Wood

Another trend that is gaining fast popularity is rustic-looking flooring. This is gaining popularity because it gives the lived-in, “homey” feeling that most people desire. It also easily adds a level of character and charm to your home. Paired with an area rug it is sure to create a cozy environment perfect for any room!

Bonus: Not only is rustic wood flooring in, but so is herringbone and chevron flooring!

Luxury Vinyl

Many new homeowners are highly in favor of the return of vinyl flooring. While natural stone flooring has its appeal and beauty, vinyl offers a level of flexibility which is especially popular among renters. Vinyl also has different levels of design, allowing for more customization options!

Vinyl is incredibly versatile, and it often is seen in kitchens due to its durability and the added benefit of being waterproof!

Patterned Carpet

In recent years we have seen more homeowners tearing up their carpets to replace them with hardwood flooring. However, gone are the days of believing common carpet myths, and here are the days of embracing just how beautiful and elemental carpets are! Not only that, but old patterns and colors are in, when it comes to carpet! Whether it’s bright colors fitting in theme with maximalism, or more ornate patterns fitting in with Gothic themes that are gaining popularity, more and more people are choosing to personalize their space with area rugs and custom carpeting!

Regardless of if you want to modernize your flooring, or keep it classic, your first step is always finding high-quality flooring. Here at Carpet Closeouts, we are Phoenix’s premier premium flooring retailer. We pride ourselves on providing you with excellent quality flooring at affordable costs. We have everything listed above, plus stone tile! We have a wide array of options, and we know you will find something you love. To get a quote or to get started on updating your flooring, give us a call at 602-493-7700.