Common Carpet Myths to Ignore

Bedroom with tan carpeting

Carpeting has long been one of the most been popular flooring solutions, with its use dating back hundreds of years.

While carpeting has remained a staple of floors in homes and businesses throughout the years, certain carpeting has been criticized for one reason or another.   

In this blog, we will touch on a few myths that have led carpeting to be seen in a bad light and why they are falsities that should be disregarded when you’re in search of a new carpet.

Carpets are a danger to people with allergies

One myth that has long been stated is that people with asthma or allergies should steer clear of carpeting, but this is not the case.

EPA studies have shown that carpet fibers actually trap allergy particles in the rug and prevent them from circulating in the air a person breathes.

Carpets are made from dangerous materials 

Another carpeting myth is that carpets are made from dangerous materials that can harm your family or pets.

It is commonly stated by some that carpets are made with formaldehyde, but they have not been manufactured with this compound in over 40 years.

Carpeting is in fact environmentally friendly and can be made with natural, renewable fibers. The materials used to create certain carpets is even biodegradable.

Mold & other contaminants can grow on it

We commonly hear that mold and other fungi can easily grow on carpet, but this is another myth.

If there is a flood in your home or apartment building and you don’t do anything to soak up the water, then yes, mold can certainly grow. If you have no moisture problems or properly clean after a flood occurs, mold won’t be an issue.

If you believe that carpeting is the right option for your home or business after reading through these myths, we ask that you think of our team at Carpet Closeouts.

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