The Benefits of SmartStrand® Forever Clean Carpets

SmartStrand Carpets When you go to install new carpeting in your home, you’ll have a million and one options. It can make it tough to choose the carpet that’s right for you. SmartStrand® Forever Clean carpets are one option you won’t regret. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you have these carpets installed in your home.

SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets have stain and soil protection that won’t ever wear off.

Many carpets come with stain and soil protection built into them. But over time, that protection can wear off and leave your carpets susceptible to stains. SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets have a permanent protection that won’t ever wear away. It’ll protect your carpets for as long as you own them.

They won’t absorb moisture if you spill anything on them.

When you spill something on your carpet, it’ll start to absorb into the carpeting right away. Once that happens, it can be almost impossible to completely remove a stain. SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets won’t absorb moisture at all. That’ll prevent stains and reduce the musty odors that often accompany wet carpets.

They’re soft and will prove to be plenty comfortable.

Although SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets are tough, they’re soft, too. You’ll love the way they feel when you walk over them in bare feet.

They’re durable and will maintain their looks for years to come.

Because SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets are so durable, they’ll look just as great in a few years as they do today. You’ll be able to preserve the style and beauty of your carpets for years when you choose to go with SmartStrand Forever Clean carpeting.

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