Major Benefits of Shaw Soft-Fiber Carpeting

The soft and luxurious carpeting known as Anso Caress, is the latest trend in soft fibers for your interior design needs. These plush fibered carpets are ultra-soft and durable. These affordable and innovative carpets are the royal treatment your feet have been searching for.

Shaw Anso Caress carpets have a style and color for any room and any home. Inspired by nature and earth tones, this type of carpet will bring the look of the Mediterranean Sea into your bedroom oasis or the deserts of the South West into your living room. The Caress line has a variety of more than 50 different shades and tones that reflect the natural beauty of the world and its wonders. Available in earthy neutrals, aquatic blues and woodland greens – you are sure to find the perfect hue to bring into your home that mirrors your favorite geographic region.

A new carpet investment should not only be a reflection of your home but of your lifestyle. Caress carpets are made of plush, Anso nylon that can withstand rooms with the heaviest of traffic, perfect for entertainers or busy families. This Anso nylon is stain resistant with a patented R2X system. This design includes total fiber coverage which prevents spills and leaks from soaking into the depths of the carpet.

The lush, durability of Caress carpeting is backed with a lifetime stain and soil warranty that includes stains caused by your household pet. There is also a 20 year warranty that covers texture retention and abrasive wear and tear.