Make Sure Your Carpet Install Goes Smoothly

Installing Carpeting Carpet installation usually doesn’t take that long. If you work with a carpet installation company that has plenty of experience, they can typically carpet an entire room in an hour or two, if not less. However, there are some steps you can take to ensure your carpet installation goes as smoothly as possible. Check them out below:

Rip out your old carpeting on your own.

There are some people who pay extra to have their carpet installation company rip out their carpeting. Nevertheless, the truth is that you can do it on your own without a whole lot of effort on your part. By cutting your carpeting into small strips and then rolling them up, you can usually take out carpets in just a few hours. It will save you money and allow your carpet installers to get right to work when they come to your home.

Remove all furniture from rooms that are being carpeted.

If the carpet installers show up and you still have furniture in rooms that are being carpeted, they will obviously need to spend time moving it. This could make your carpet installation take a lot longer than it has to. To speed things up, you should consider moving furniture out of the way yourself. You should also think about moving any furniture in other rooms that could be in the way when they bring carpeting into your home.

Finish up other home renovations before you have carpet installation done.

The last thing you want to do is install fresh new carpets only to stain them up a short time later because you’re doing other home renovations. If you plan to do other renovation projects, you should probably hold off on installing carpets. You’re only going to run into problems if you have to stand on or near your new carpeting when doing a renovation.

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