5 Rainy Day Activities That Don’t Damage Your Floor

Two girls finger painting on their dads face

Rainy days don’t just mean the weather. And while we have tips for protecting your floor from climate-related damage, this blog is about rainy-day activities. Rainy days are those days when you’re stuck indoors with the kids, and you’re looking for low-mess, low-effort activities to keep everybody sane. Below (in no particular order) are five activities to keep everyone engaged and having fun. Some of them can be messy, so we also provided simple clean-up tips.

1.     Make Some Slime

Slime is a great way to keep hands occupied should you need a few minutes to get some work done. It’s also made with items you likely have in your home! While every recipe is different (there are a lot of different types of slime!), all start with a base of white glue. Some call for items like shaving cream, contact solution, baking soda, glitter, and food coloring to turn them into fun colors.

Clean up: Making slime can certainly be messy, so prepare a large area for everyone to make their slime. For extra simplicity, pre-measure each item for anyone participating. Just be extra careful with the food coloring (and glitter)! As a bonus, slime can be used to pick up dust from difficult areas, like car cup holders, keyboards, and pesky corners on your floors. So even if you don’t see yourself playing with it, it can be useful to make!

2.     Bake Together

Whether you do a box mix or bust out the family recipe book, this activity is fun for all. This can be as involved or low stakes as you need- so whether you have a kitchen full of help, or you do the baking, and they do the decorating, it gives everyone a tasty treat to look forward to. If your baked goods require any frosting or decorating, you can set up a decoration station, and everyone can frost and enjoy their own treat!

Tip: If you have a house divided on what treats to make, many sheet pan recipes combine different cookies, pies, and brownies.

Clean up: Sweep any spilled flour, sugar, or baking goods. For frosting, make sure you get up as much as possible, and if it is on the carpet, blot it with a wet paper towel.

3.     Arts and Crafts

This one largely depends on your supplies but is a great way to get creative together or individually. Use crayons, markers, colored pencils, or paint and have everyone create their own work of art, or follow along with a fun video. You can use individual sheets of paper or tape down large sheets to collaborate! Or, break out the beads and have everyone make their own jewelry!

Clean up: No matter what art you do, make sure to tape down some plastic or newspaper- or you may find yourself with some unique colors on your floor!

4.     Cozy up With a Pillow Fort

Pillow forts can be anything you want! We recommend taking off your couch cushions for a comfy base (your back will thank you!). They’re great assets for imaginary play, but can also make for a cozy spot to settle in and watch a movie. Either way, taking the time to make a pillow fort is fun for all involved.

Clean up: While building a fort isn’t messy, if you enjoy any popcorn or snacks, make sure you give a thorough sweep.

5.     Spend Quality Time Together

Life can be hectic. Between school, work, extracurriculars, and housework, the week can fly by with little quality time. And while the weekend is a nice reprieve, sometimes they are filled with events, yard work, and just catching up on missed chores and housework. Taking the time to spend some tech-free quality time is a great way to reconnect. Ask about their week, read stories to each other, have a dance party, or even play a game or put together a puzzle. By lunchtime, you’ll be feeling more connected.

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