Common Flooring Damage (And Prevention Advice!)

Damage on a floor due to an iron being dropped

Over time, constant spills, sharp shoes on the floor, and heavy furniture can begin to seriously damage your flooring. Below are the most common damages seen in each flooring and some ways to prevent said damage.

Stone and Tile: Etching and Staining

Etching is the result of acidic materials corroding tile and stone. This can be caused by cleaners or everyday spills of acidic drinks, such as coffee or wine, not being properly cleaned up.

Staining occurs when a spill happens on porous tile and stone. If the spill is not quickly remedied, the spill seeps into the flooring, causing discoloration and stains.

Prevention Tip: If a spill occurs, quickly blot (not wipe!) up the substance until dry. Avoid acid on stone and tile- the best cleaners that can help fix etching are alkaline-based!

Carpeting: Sun Bleaching

Fading or sun bleaching occurs when your carpet is exposed to continuous UV rays. While it may not be noticeable daily, it becomes apparent when you move your furniture and are met with stark color differences.

Prevention Tip: Keeping your blinds drawn is a surefire way to ensure no sun damage can fade your carpet.

Hardwood: Wear and Tear

Even the most careful households can end up with dents, scrapes, and worn-down areas on their hardwood floor. These types of damage are typically caused by heavy furniture remaining in one spot, pets’ nails being long, furniture being pushed or pulled across floors, and heavy use.

Prevention Tip: Putting furniture on felt protective pads, keeping your pets’ nails trimmed, and not wearing shoes in the house are the main ways to prevent damage. If you’re moving furniture or rearranging your area, enlist the help of a friend or family to move large pieces- your floor (and your back!) will thank you.

Vinyl: Water Damage

If you notice your vinyl flooring is lifting, curling, or in severe cases, bubbling- you likely have water damage. While it can be due to an unfortunate plumbing issue, mostly it’s due to excess spilling (like if a dog’s water bowl is directly on the floor 24/7) or using too much water when cleaning.

Prevention Tip: Ensure that any spills are quickly dried, pet bowls are on a mat, and when mopping, make sure you don’t use too much water!

When it comes down to it, our floors are constantly being utilized- and sometimes, there’s no amount of prevention or DIY “quick fix” tips that can help. At this point, it’s best to begin thinking of new flooring.

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