Why Wall-to-Wall Carpeting is In Vouge Again

Wall-to-Wall CarpetingTrends come and go. For a while, the trend was hardwood floors. Then there was a time when area rugs were the “new norm.” Guess what’s making a comeback now, in 2019? If you guessed wall-to-wall carpeting, you’re right!


Wall-to-wall carpeting is cozy and comforting– it gives a room a warmer feeling than hardwood, linoleum or stone. Plus, if you’ve got little ones (babies, toddlers), it’s nice on their feet and provides a cushion if they fall down. People with small pets, like dogs and cats, also appreciate having a nice carpet for them to walk around and play on– it’s comfy for pets, too.

Noise Reduction

If you’re something who is very practical and logical, then consider this: wall-to-wall carpeting acts as a good insulator against extreme cold or heat. Carpeting throughout a home can actually help lower the overall energy bill. It also helps with noise reduction, as it absorbs sounds in a room and/or between floors.


Do you like living a luxurious lifestyle? If so, should consider wall-to-wall carpeting! Anyone who has been to an expensive hotel knows they all have wall-to-wall carpeting– anything less would be… well… less! Today there are such versatile patterns and colors to choose from, such that you could conceivably visit a hotel, note how their carpeting looks, and then go to a store and buy something similar for enjoyment at your own house.


For those who care about safety, wall-to-wall carpeting is good because it not only cushions footsteps, but also helps reduce slips and falls. Meanwhile, if someone does fall, it’s better to land on carpet than hardwood or concrete, right? As such, having wall-to-wall carpeting can end up minimizing injuries if/when falls occur.


Finally, the key buzzwords associated with wall-to-wall carpeting help sell it: durable, warm, soft, easy-to-maintain, and affordable. What’s not to like? Get your wall-to-wall carpeting for a decent price at Carpet Closeouts of Greater Phoenix. Located on North Cave Creek Road, Carpet Closeouts is a warehouse-style flooring outlet offering high-quality floor coverings, including carpeting at up to 50% off regular retail pricing.

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