Tips for Protecting Your Carpet from Pets

How can you protect your carpet from pets? If you have a cat or dog who likes to spend time outdoors then you know they’ll track in dirt and mud when they come back into the house. Therefore, pick a spot in the home where you can wipe their feet off before they get near your prized, clean carpet(s). Something as simple as a wet paper towel can be used to wash paws. Many people have a designated “mud room” for this purpose– it works well for people, too.

What do you do about hair/fur? In general, it’s smart to have your pet groomed regularly and by brushing his or her hair you’re in control of where that hair ends up rather than it just randomly clumping up on your carpet(s).

Meanwhile, pets tend to spill stuff out of their water and food bowls. If you can, place these bowls on a non-carpeted surface. If, however, your entire home is carpeted, put a rubber mat underneath your bowls to catch spills.

Are you worried about fleas? Adult fleas can live on your pet but when they lay their eggs, those eggs tend to fall into carpets and upholstery where they’ll hatch. You can buy products in stores that can be sprayed over areas where you suspect you might have fleas.

For those awkward times when the carpet smells like urine or “wet dog” try spraying store-bought odor eliminators on the offending area(s).

FYI: Carpet Closeouts in Phoenix sells carpets in case you need new ones after major pet “incidents.” When the carpet is “too far gone,” it’s time for a new one.