Tips for Getting Dents Out of Your Carpet

Carpet Dents Is your carpet filled with unsightly dents? You could try and rearrange your furniture to cover them up. However, that is only a temporary solution, and it could force you to place your furniture in spots where you don’t actually want it. So instead of taking that approach, follow these tips for getting rid of dents in your carpeting once and for all.

Use ice cubes to melt the dents.

The idea of allowing ice to melt on your carpeting might seem strange at first, but it really works. To get rid of dents, place a few ice cubes into them and allow the ice to melt over the course of a few hours. As the cubes melt, the water will fill the dents and pull them up towards the surface to even your carpeting out. Just make sure you soak up any excess water with a towel once you’re finished.

Use a hair dryer to lift the dents.

If you don’t feel comfortable using ice to melt away carpet dents, then take the opposite approach and try heat. A hair dryer is typically used to add volume to your hair, but it can also be utilized in the same kind of way with carpeting. By blow drying your carpet, you can restore the volume in it and bring it back to life. For best results, try spraying it with a little bit of water before you turn your blow dryer on.

Use an iron to smooth out the dents.

If all else fails, you can turn to your iron to get rid of the deepest possible dents in your carpet. You should start by taking a damp cloth and placing it over the dent. You should then set your iron to medium heat and run it over top of the damp towel for about 30 seconds. Once you’re done doing that, run your vacuum over the dent to lift it up. This method will usually work wonders and get rid of almost any dent.

If you’ve had it with your current carpeting and want to replace it so that you don’t have to worry about dents at all, Carpet Closeouts can help. We have plenty of carpeting options for you. Call us at 602-493-7700 to see what we have in stock at the moment.