Common Mistakes Made When Installing a New Carpet

Installing Carpeting Are you thinking about installing new carpeting in your home? If yes, be sure to avoid mistakes that often inflict inexperienced installers when laying their first carpet. Here are just a few of those mistakes that can ruin new carpeting right from the start.

Failing to allow new carpeting to get acclimated to a home

Before you install new carpeting in a home, it’s a good idea to allow it to get acclimated to the climate of the home first. Specifically, you should let the carpeting warm up so that it isn’t cool and stiff when it’s installed. This will make it much easier to stretch out the carpet so that lumps don’t develop in it over time. Those lumps can cause your carpeting to wear out quickly and can also make it appear old and unsightly.

Failing to stretch a carpet properly

At the end of the carpet installation process, installers need to use a power-stretcher to stretch the carpet out and make it sit tight against the ground. If you attempt to stretch a carpet out without this tool, it often won’t stretch tightly and will eventually start to look loose. This is a look that homeowners try to avoid at all costs, as it makes their carpeting look dated.

Failing to seam two pieces of carpet together properly

The process of “seaming” a carpet involves taking two separate pieces of carpeting and gluing them together. In order to do it, you need to have seaming experience as well as patience so that the glue takes and forms a great seam. If you don’t do this step right, your seam will be entirely too noticeable, and it will bring down the aesthetic appeal of your carpeting as a whole.

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