Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Carpet is an affordable flooring option but it does need to be cared for and maintained properly if you want it to last. Here are a few common carpet cleaning mistakes that people are making on a daily basis.

Conquering Stains

A common mistake that people make while attempting to clean their carpets is not facing stains the moment they happen. Many people don’t believe the myth that a stain can set into a carpet, but that myth is a fact. If you don’t address a stain quickly and efficiently, you could ruin your carpet long-term. Make sure to use the appropriate spot cleaner, as soon as the stain happens.

Minimal Water

If you shampoo your carpets without the help of a professional, remember that it’s possible to get your carpet too wet. Soaking your carpet with too much water can actually result in your carpet shrinking. If the backing of the carpet gets too wet, it could be very difficult to get perfectly dry, and it could introduce mold and mildew to your home.

Secure Furniture

When you shampoo your carpet, make sure your carpet is protected from your furniture. Some wood and fabric furniture can bleed dye colors onto your carpet. If you’re shampooing, remove any furniture you’re worried about or place something water resistant between the carpets and where the furniture touches it.

As you are cleaning your carpets, don’t overuse chemical treatments and shampoos. Some harsh cleaning supplies can be very hard on your carpet and extremely strong chemicals can damage the integrity of your carpet’s fibers.

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