Carpeting Trends From 2017

Carpeting Trends The carpet industry is just like any other industry. Every year, there are a few carpeting types that turn “trendy,” and everyone seems to want them. 2017 was no different, as there were a handful of kinds of carpeting that were installed more often over others. Let’s take a walk down the carpet aisle and check out some of the biggest carpeting trends from 2017.

Recycled carpeting

Just about every single industry in America has been affected by the “green” craze, and that includes the carpeting industry. More and more people are asking—and in some cases, demanding—that the products they buy be as eco-friendly as possible. Carpet manufacturers have responded by creating carpeting made out of recycled materials, and a lot of people are buying them. This is a trend that probably isn’t going to go away anytime soon, as more people turn to recycled carpeting for their homes and businesses.

Frieze carpeting

It seems like there’s a type of carpeting that pops up every decade or so with a unique design that captures the attention of Americans. Frieze carpeting might end up going down as that type of carpeting for the 2010s, and it was especially popular in 2017. Frieze carpeting is also sometimes referred to as “twist” carpeting because each and every piece of it appears to have been twisted up and then let out to create a comfortable and unique surface. Frieze carpeting feels soft to the touch and is unlike just about any other carpeting you’ve seen.

Carpet tile rugs

There are many Americans who don’t want to commit to carpeting an entire room. Instead, they have turned to carpet tile rugs, which they have placed over hardwood floors, tile floors, and more. This type of carpeting is easy to repair and replace—you can get rid of a stain by simply swapping out an old tile with a new one—and it’s fun to find new ways to incorporate carpet tile rugs into a home. You can make them as big or small as you want and use them in any area of your house.

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