5 Tips for Installing Your Own Carpet

Homeowner Fitting Carpet to Floor

When you’ve purchased a carpet and decided to install it on your own, it’s important that it’s installed properly.

While you will undoubtedly save money by installing it yourself, an improper installation can cost more in the long run if it needs to be repaired or completely re-installed by a professional.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, and to have your carpet looking great, make sure to follow these five easy tips.  

Have the right tools

As every DIYer knows, having the right tools is half the battle. When installing a carpet you will need to make sure you have a tape measure, carpet cutter, carpet strips, foam padding, metal door edging, a hammer, nails, a putty knife, heavy duty staples, a staple gun and any personal gear such as knee pads.

Measure room dimensions, cut carpet accordingly

Once you’ve gone through the checklist and have the tools you need, measure the dimensions of the room where you’ll be placing the carpet.

Once you have the proper dimensions, lay the carpet down in a bigger area and to cut it to correct dimensions.

Nail in fastening strips

Next, you will need to nail in the fastening strips. Make sure to begin in the corners of the room and nail the strips along the edge of the floor ¼ inch from the wall.

It’s important to have the teeth of the strips facing towards the wall. When it comes to the doors edging, nail the strips across the doorway with the teeth facing towards the outside of the room.

Attach carpet padding

Once the strips are nailed roll out and attach the carpet padding with the “waffle” side facing upwards. Use a staple gun with heavy duty staples and put a staple into the padding every six inches. Once attached, cut the padding where it meets the inner edge of the fastening strips.

Roll out carpet & attach

Next, it is time to put the carpeting in place. Roll out the pre-cut carpet and double check that it fits the room properly.

Once you’re comfortable with its position, assure the carpet overlaps the fastening strips and slit the carpet at the corners. It is important that you do not cut past the overlap.

Attach the carpet to the fastening strips using the knee kicker. Begin this process in one of the corners and put the head of the kicker on the carpet about an inch from the wall. Aim the kicker at an angle to the wall. Kneel on the floor in the chosen corner and hold the handle with your right hand and use your left to hold yourself upright. Use as much of your weight as possible on your right arm and push your left knee into the kicker to push and stretch the carpet into place. Be sure to hook the carpeting into the fastening strips around the room and its entirety. Push down any loose threads with a putty knife and voilà you have completed a near-professional carpet installation!

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