Your Guide to Choosing Your Laundry Room Flooring

Laundry Room Flooring Options

When you’re choosing laundry room flooring, make sure you’re looking for material that’s strong enough to withstand all the elements of your laundry room. From muddy shoes to detergent spills, choose a flooring option that will last you through years of wear and tear.

Because there are many different flooring options, here are some things you should consider before you decide on your next laundry room flooring option:

What Makes Your Laundry Room Different?

When it comes to flooring, your laundry room must have a material that can withstand some unique conditions. Whatever flooring option you choose will have to withstand spills, scratching, heat, and humidity. You should also keep in mind that there are times where your laundry room could leak, so you should try and find a flooring option that’s water-resistant too.

When your washer and dryer are running, they can move enough to scuff, scratch, or dent your flooring if you don’t have the best option. For this reason, you should stray away from choosing hardwood flooring.

What Should You Look for In a Laundry Room Flooring Option?

When you’re choosing a flooring option, you’ll notice that you have plenty of options to choose from. Although there are some great options, the best laundry room flooring should be durable, waterproof, easy to clean, and stain resistant!

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Your Laundry Room

Many families love the look of hardwood flooring, so much so that they want to add it to every room of their home. However, hardwood is one of the worst flooring options you can have in a laundry room. Luxury vinyl flooring is a great compromise because it can mimic your hardwood flooring’s natural aesthetic, but it’s resistant to water and humidity.

Tile Flooring

Homeowners love installing tile flooring into their homes because it can last nearly a lifetime. Tile is an excellent option for the high traffic areas of your home, like your laundry room, because you don’t need to worry about the surface getting scratched over time. With the proper cleaning, you can keep tile flooring looking as good as new for years!

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