Why You Should Consider Tile Flooring For Your Home

Tile Flooring In some parts of Jamaica, people don’t have screens on their windows. If wind blows dust or dirt around, it can easily end up inside people’s homes there. It’s no wonder, then, that most Jamaican homes don’t have rugs. Instead, they have tile flooring and they do a lot of sweeping. In places like Arizona, where desert sand is never too far away, it also makes sense to consider tile flooring at home.

The Benefits of Tile Flooring

While you could have rugs in your home, tile flooring makes sense for many reasons. Tile is affordable, durable, plentiful, and attractive. It works well for high traffic areas and doesn’t need much maintenance. If you spill something on tile, you just wipe it up using a mop or a paper towel and water. Tile won’t stain like carpet will. Tile is water resistant. With a glazed protective layer, for example, ceramic tiles are impervious to water damage and stain penetration. That’s why so many bathrooms utilize tile… no matter the climate, tile floor bathrooms are popular worldwide!

Did you know tile is made from raw materials like glass, sand and clay? In other words, tile is eco-friendly and natural. Tile tends to stay cool even when it’s hot outside and/or warm when it’s cooler outside. Installing tile flooring ultimately helps reduce heating bills.

Of all types of flooring, tile is perhaps the most cost effective. Why is that? Well, tiles are fairly cheap to buy and install. They last a super long time. And they don’t require much, if any, maintenance. If you have an attractive tile floor in your house, it can even help boost its resale value should you decide to sell.

Finally, a good reason to choose tile flooring has to do with air quality. Alternatives like vinyl and rugs have what’s called a low “VOC” output, which means they give off volatile organic compounds into the air– not the healthiest. Tile, on the other hand, gets fired in a kiln at a high temperature, so much so that it doesn’t contain any VOCs. The result is that people with tiles in their homes ultimately breath better air.

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