Why SmartStrand Silk from Mohawk is #1

Think back to when you were growing up. Do you remember sitting on your parents or grandparents floors? Whether it was while you were playing a board game, listening to the radio, or watching your favorite show on TV, you’ll never forget that carpet.  There are three distinct memories that come to our mind when thinking about carpets from the past.


    1. Don’t spill anything on the carpet; it will stain forever

    2. How itchy and uncomfortable the carpet was

    3. The musty smell of an older carpet


As the carpet industry has advanced, these items have been a target to continue improving. Some of the best carpeting on the market is not only super soft; it is virtually stain proof. SmartStrand Silk from Mohawk is rated #1 in customer satisfaction. The best part is that it is not just soft or stain-proof for the first few years of the carpet (or until the day after the warranty runs out). The carpets’ ability to resist soil, dirt, and other types of stains and remain comfortable never wears off.


If going green is important to you, just as it is to us.  You will be pleased to hear that SmartStrand carpet is made with DuPont Sorona renewably sourced polymer. It is actually made in part from corn.  


If you or the kids spill anything on this type of carpeting it will be simple to clean up. Some soap and water will clean up the mess just as easily as it got there. And the best part is, that your carpet will not smell like red wine, spilled soup or whatever may have landed on the rug for years to come.                 


We are proud to say that we are an authorized dealer of the SmartStrand Silk from Mohawk. Click here to see some of our current specials