What is SmartStrand Carpeting?

When we make investments into different areas of our home, we expect them to last for years and years. That’s why the absolute horror of the first spill on a new carpet is unmatched. Some folks with children and pets don’t even bother installing new carpeting or other flooring. After all, why bother when it’s bound to be ruined in no time at all?

Things are changing these days though, and SmartStrand carpeting from Mohawk Flooring is playing a huge role. Their Forever Clean carpets combine beauty, comfort, and durability in a way that just didn’t used to be possible.

It all starts with the protected fibers. Unlike other carpeting, SmartStrand fiber protection is permanent. That’s because the technology is built right into the core of the fiber instead of being coated on as an afterthought. This gives SmartStrand 100% lifetime protection that will never wash or wear off.

On top of that, Nanoloc technology keeps foreign substances from settling into the carpet. A liquid spill might trigger a blood-curdling scream, but a sigh of relief may follow when the liquid sits on top of the carpet instead of absorbing into it. Cleaning up spills has never been easier, and your vacuum will fight a much easier battle with accumulated dirt and dust.

Sounds like a bunch of artificial and unnatural substances that we shouldn’t be around, right? Wrong. SmartStrand carpet is actually made with annually renewable plant-based materials, keeping its environmental impact at a minimum. And did we mention how wonderfully soft and luxurious SmartStrand carpet feels between your toes?

It’s time to stop worrying so much about your new carpeting? If you have a house full of children or pets, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet could be the perfect flooring. If you’re in Phoenix Arizona, come out to Carpet Closeouts and check it out today.