What Are the Best Flooring Options for Nursery Rooms?

Carpets for NurseriesToddlers can go around your house and “destroy everything in their path.” Ok, maybe that’s embellishing a bit, but who hasn’t known a little kid who seems to really, really “interact” with their surroundings? When babies, toddlers and little ones are in a room, it’s important to have smart flooring options. Chances are they’ll be all over that floor like white on rice.

What are some flooring options for nursery rooms these days?

Flooring Options for Babies

Well, for many, it makes sense to have carpeting, which is known for generally being soft, comfy and– parents will understand this– “forgiving.” Little ones often fall down, so falling onto carpet is much safer than, say, cement. Ideally, you’d want to look for carpeting that’s made from natural materials such as wool, cotton, sisal or jute. These materials won’t have the “bad” chemicals found in cheaper, synthetic carpeting made from polyester or nylon, etc.

Wood flooring can work for nursery rooms, and one of the reasons parents like wood is because it’s easy to keep clean and durable. Generally, if the nursery has wooden floors, parents will add a large area rug, so they’re getting “the best of both worlds.” Their baby will play on the rug, which can be washed as needed. An alternative to wood that some environmentally-minded people are using these days is bamboo. It’s a “green flooring.”

What about cork? Kids’ rooms often have cork flooring because it won’t worsen their allergies or take in “bad” microbes– in other words, it’s one of the more healthy floorings. Parents think of cork as safe, soft and cushioning, by nature, while also an eco-friendly choice that actually helps provide great home insulation. So, instead of having the kid play on a cold, cement patio floor, for instance, lay down some cork and it’ll be better for them.

Finally, there’s laminate, which sometimes gets a bad rap, but know this: if you go with the newer low/zero-emission laminate products, those are fine for nurseries and play rooms. Laminate is durable, scratch-resistant, and, best of all, easy to clean. Also consider natural linoleum flooring, which is another eco-friendly alternative.

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