Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Carpeting

Carpet in conference room with wood table and chairs

Whether you have recently purchased carpeting for your business and want it to maintain its showroom appearance for years to come, or you have carpeting that is a bit older that you’d like to get back to its original beauty, there are several easy tips to follow to have your commercial carpeting looking its very best.

When you vacuum your commercial carpet weekly, steam clean annually and remove spots and stains when they appear, you’ll ensure that your carpets not only look great, but that they will continue to provide you and your employees with the comfort you require many years into the future.

Vacuum weekly

One of the very best things you can do to maintain your commercial carpeting is weekly vacuuming. Whether you hire a cleaning company or have one of your employees handle this task, vacuuming on a weekly basis will ensure that any food, dirt and other debris is cleaned up before it sinks deep into the carpet fibers.

As an added tip, make sure to vacuum slowly, as gliding quickly across the floor can actually leave behind some of the particles you’re hoping to remove from the carpet.

Steam clean annually

Another essential task for maintaining your commercial carpeting is having a steam cleaning performed on an annual basis.  

Steam cleaning will get to dirt and other build up that has gotten deep into the carpet’s fibers and will essentially have it back to showroom quality.

If you are renting a steam cleaner, it is important to only perform one passing with detergent and water, as to not get your carpet overly wet, followed by one neutralizing rinse and up to three drying passes.

Once this process is complete, it is suggested to let the carpet sit for 12 hours before letting your employees walk on it.

Quickly remove spots & stains

 When you or your employees notice spots or stains on your carpet, it is essential to have them removed immediately before the materials get deep into the carpet fibers.

Although it is important to get the spots and stains cleaned quickly, it is essential that you do so with a gentle touch.

If you rub too quickly and with too much force it can actually push some of the particles deeper down into the carpet and can leave permanent damage. Simply blot the spot in question and change out the cloth you use once it is saturated.

If you find that the carpeting in your business can no longer be maintained and you’re looking to purchase new carpeting, we ask that you contact our experienced team at Carpet Closeouts.

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