Tips for Getting Rid of that New Carpet Smell

They feel great on your bare feet, they can add a lot of character in your room, and help keep your feet warm. But what isn’t exciting is that new carpet smell that tends to come with it. It’s hard to describe, it but has its own distinct aroma.

What you smell is the mix of chemicals that get used in the making of your carpet. While they are necessary for the creation of the carpet, the good news is that it doesn’t have to stay that way. Check out this list of tips to help make your carpet smell fresher!

  • Use nails instead of glue to secure your rug in place; this will cause less toxins to be in the air.
  • Sprinkle baking soda onto your carpet and keep it on overnight. Vacuum your carpet the next day.
  • If you steam your carpets, make sure to add some vinegar to the hot water, as it is a strong odor-killer.
  • Keeping whole onions or celery submerged in water placed in the room with the rugs is another option. They are proven to absorb the odor of new carpets.
  • Try putting some large potted plants inside the room. This will give off more fresh air, causing the odor to have to move on. For this one, we suggest cracking a window and turning on a fan.
  • Using potpourri and other aromas can better the smell.
  • Sometimes simply ventilating the room will help. Opening windows and letting a breeze come into the room can help, too.
  • If all of this fails, consider getting your carpets cleaned professionally.

For some the smell of a new carpet can be nauseating. But, it doesn’t have to stick around forever. Once you’ve installed your new carpet from Carpet Closeouts, you’ll be enjoying it odor-free in no time!