Tips for Decorating With Color

Decorating with Color


At our Carpet Closeouts wholesale store in Phoenix, Arizona, we work with a huge variety of carpet colors. We love to experiment with different color schemes and decorating ideas for different rooms, and enjoy assisting customers in finding the perfect colored carpet for the rooms in their homes. Many people struggle when decorating with color, not really knowing of a good place to start. However, as long as you know some basic fundamental design ideas, you can come up with creative and attractive color schemes that look like they came right out of an interior design magazine.


The 60-30-10 rule, for example, is most definitely at the top of every Decorating with Color 101 syllabus. The rule makes for an easy-to-follow plan for an effective color scheme that’s pleasing and interesting without being too busy. A maximum of three colors should be chosen from the color wheel, each serving a distinct purpose in the flow of the room.


The first color should “tie the room together”, a unifying color that sets the overall tone for everything else. This color should be present on about 60% of the surfaces and objects. A secondary color should be used for about 30% of the room, adding a level of interest and variety in the room. Finally, a third, carefully selected accent color should be included on about 10% of the surfaces and objects. Many designers also recommend adding a small black element to the room to accentuate and bring out the other colors.


So which colors should be used?  It’s really up to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different schemes. There are, however, two different types of color relationships to keep in mind, complementary and analogous.


Complementary colors lie across from each other on the color wheel, and tend to create a contrast that can make a room more exciting and interesting to the eye. This is best for formal rooms where you like to be on your toes. Analogous colors, on the other hand, lie next to each other on the wheel. Because they are closer to each other, they make for a smoother and gentler atmosphere when combined. Analogous colors work best in rooms you like to relax in, like living rooms and bedrooms.


When you know a few of the key concepts, shopping for carpet and other decoration for your home can be fun and inspiring. Stop in to the Carpet Closeouts warehouse store in Phoenix, Arizona, or check out our extensive selection of carpet colors online, to get started designing a creative color scheme of your own.