Tips For Cleaning Your Carpet

All carpets need to be cleaned…eventually. Some people are very particular about cleaning their carpet, such that they vacuum it daily, while others– well, not so much.


Obviously, vacuuming a carpet with a vacuum cleaner is the main way to clean a carpet. Ideally, vacuum a carpet once a week to get deeply embedded dirt particles and dust out of it. You may need to go over each section of carpet more than once to do a proper job. High traffic areas where people walk with their muddy shoes are the areas in need of most attention.


Should you or someone else spill something on a carpet, the best thing to do is try and clean it immediately, before it dries. Rather than rubbing the spill, which could spread it out, it’s smarter to “blot” and work from the outside inward, using a paper towel (or a rag) along with a cleaning solution or cleaning agent to help take the spot or spill away.


Different spots, stains and spills require different attention. There’s almost always a natural or store-bought solution, though, for each kind of problem, from using cold water/ice cubes to combinations of mild detergent, white vinegar and warm water. All sorts of things can mess with carpets, from crayons to mud and–gasp–urine and vomit. Thankfully these can be dealt with and your carpet can be cleaned– by you or professionally, if needed.


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