Things You Never Want to Spill on a Carpet


Did you ever have a relative who had a pristine white carpet in their living room? It was the one the kids could not walk on or even go near.


We all want to keep our carpets clean and looking brand new for as long as possible, but over time spills, stains and other things can happen.


Here are five things you do not want to deal with on or in a carpet:


1) Bubblegum. You tried throwing it out into the nearby wastebasket but you missed. Now a sticky, gooey wad of gum is in your carpet. Ugh.


2) Red wine or grape juice. Why couldn’t the person have spilled clear water instead, right? Red, purple, blue– the darker colors show up way too intensely on a carpet.


3) Pet urine. Oh Lord, why does Muffy have to pee on the nice carpet? Yeah, she’s marking her territory, but does it have to be on the rug? Not only does it look bad, but the ammonia stench is quite awful. Yuck.


4) Blood. What happens when you or someone you know gets a cut and it starts bleeding profusely? Some of that dark red crimson blood ends up splattering on the carpet and it’s not that easy to remove when it’s dry. Blood stains definitely raise eyebrows.


5) Bleach. It takes the color away. Only problem is, you don’t want to take a carpet’s color away. You might want to use bleach in the washing machine for your white clothing, but if it spills on your brown rug, that’s not cool.


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