Things to Consider When Selecting a Carpet For Your Home

In the old days, there weren’t many choices when it came to carpets. Nowadays, there are many choices available.


So how do you figure out what carpet is right for your home?


First things first: what color(s) do you like? Obviously, beige (tan) goes well with everything, and a light brown will hide stains and pet “accidents.” While white carpets are gorgeous, keep in mind they show “everything” so if you’re a muddy shoes kind of person, white’s not right.


If beige or light brown aren’t your thing, and white’s not right, then consider a light green, light blue, or grey colored carpet. Whatever the color, it should blend well with your furniture and artwork and fit your personality.


Generally, you don’t see too many people with black carpet or the more bold colors like hot pink, but they do exist for those who aren’t bound by tradition.


Keep in mind darker colored carpets may fade over time. Still, darker colored carpets do hide stains and imperfections well. Lighter colored carpets, meanwhile, make a room feel bigger and brighter.


Also, when choosing a carpet, consider the level of traffic a room receives. Hallways and living rooms get more foot traffic than bedrooms, for instance, so they may require tougher carpet that can withstand “heavy traffic.”


If wall-to-wall carpet isn’t what you want, but you still want some carpeting in your home, try adding area rugs to certain rooms to warm them up. Area rugs often come with artistic designs and can add a nice splash of color to a room.


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