The Many Advantages of Stone Flooring

When you think of castles, what kind of floors do they typically have? Stone flooring, of course.

If your home is your castle then consider stone flooring for its durability, beauty, and, most importantly, elegance. Nothing says “I have money and want the best floors” like stone flooring. It’s not typically seen in most homes because it’s set apart from the norm. And that’s a good thing. Having stone flooring says you took the time to think about having floors that stand out from the norm and you have the money to afford them.

There are several varieties of stone flooring available including marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, slate and quartzite. They come in different colors, with different tones, and some have metallic flecks in them. Meanwhile, when sealed and polished, they can be quite stain resistant.

Stone flooring can either be natural or glossy. It’s ideal for hot climates because it stays cool. For those who live in places with colder months of the year, area rugs can be placed atop stone floors for warmth as needed.

Perhaps the best thing about stone flooring is that there’s no place for allergens to hide– unlike carpets. Plus, stone floors are easy to wash or vacuum so they’re considered quite hygienic.

Finally, stone flooring is the kind of flooring that lasts a lifetime…and then some. Think about the great castles and buildings of the world which have been around for centuries– many of them have…stone floors.

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