The Advantages of Using Carpet Tiles


Carpet tiles, or carpet squares, have been around for over 50 years but it wasn’t until recently that new design elements were introduced, making these tiles a trend within the interior design industry. The appeal doesn’t end there though; instead of choosing a nice broadloom carpet for your commercial property, take note of the fact that carpet tiles can make for great, affordable alternatives as well, with closeout prices sometimes cutting the cost in half!


The advantages of carpet squares as an alternative to commercial use don’t end there, however. Here are just a few more benefits to consider when deciding on new flooring:


So many options to choose from – As we’ve already mentioned, carpet tiles have become pretty popular lately for their aesthetic appeal. Not only is there a seemingly endless selection of colors and styles available, but you can even create your own patterns if you’d like by using a number of different tiles.


Easy to install – The squares are super easy to set in place, as well – much easier than your standard rolled carpeting. In fact, carpet tiles are often available in DIY kits with simple-to-follow instructions; many even come measured out for installation.This makes the process a lot less difficult when it comes to carpeting into awkwardly-sized or irregular-shaped rooms. Plus since you are laying the squares down one at a time, you can take a break whenever you need to. Something that can’t exactly be said when installing rolled carpets.


Easy to clean and replace – This is the best thing about carpet tiles: each piece can simply be picked up and replaced without having to remove the entire floor! Accidents happen and sometimes, carpet stains are unavoidable. With carpet squares, you don’t have to fear everyday wear and tear. If an employee or client spills coffee on the boardroom carpet, just lift it up and lay a new one in its place! It really doesn’t get easier than that.


When you are ready to make the switch to carpet squares in your  office building or home, contact us!