Five Reasons to Switch to a SmartStrand Carpet


Your carpet is basically your teenage daughter; it is constantly the center of attention, and its appearance reflects back on you and the way you live. This means routine cleaning and consistent upkeep are essential to the carpet’s life and subsequently, the room’s aesthetics. Make your life a bit easier by replacing your carpet with a SmartStrand Stain Resistant Carpet.


The fibers of this carpet spring back, reject dirt, and make cleaning a simple task and not a daunting chore. Some homeowners like a move-in ready home, and others may feel the carpet they have is fine. Unfortunately, there are a thousand motives to change your carpet after a few years, and most people are unaware of these reasons.


Below, you’ll find 5 reasons to switch to a SmartStrand Carpet!


1.    The carpet knows your secrets. Well, we did say that your carpet is just like a teenage girl! If you or a previous owner was a smoker, the carpet knows and it will tell everyone. Many old carpets hold dust, dander, and pet odor for years; some odors just stay in a carpet forever.


2.    The padding deteriorates after a while. Your carpet may feel just as rough as concrete if the padding has worn to thin fibers; everyone loves a soft, plushy carpet.


3.    Your home will sell easier with a new or stain resistant carpet, and it may sell for more, providing a return on your investment.


4.    Even if your home has a modern theme with contemporary décor, if your carpet appears dull or outdated, it gives your guests or potential buyers the idea that your home is prehistoric.


5.    If ten Zoo animals could not destroy a SmartStrand Carpet over the course of three weeks, your family probably cannot.

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