Reasons to Keep Your Carpet Clean


As much as we might love the feeling of soft carpeting underfoot, cleaning a carpet is a task that most people don’t particularly look forward to. If you want to keep your carpet looking its very best, however, periodic cleaning is absolutely essential. Let’s consider a few of the most compelling reasons to keep your carpet clean.

Improve Air Quality

This is especially important for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.  Over time, carpeting can attract its fair share of dirt, dust and animal hair. Once the carpet becomes saturated with particulate matter, allergens and irritants will start to build up in the air as well. Cleaning your carpet regularly can help to keep the air in your home clear and free of allergens.

Increase Longevity

You’ve invested a lot in your carpeting. Likewise, you want to make it last as long as possible to protect that investment. Clean carpets will not only look better, they’ll last longer as well. Carpets that don’t receive periodic deep cleanings are more likely to exhibit signs of wear and degradation.

Eliminate Bacteria

In addition to allergens, dirty carpeting can harbor potentially harmful bacteria as well. It’s especially important to keep bacteria to a minimum if you have young children who are prone to head colds. If you notice you or your family getting sick regularly, it might be time to give the carpet a good deep cleaning.

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