Protect Your Floor During the Holiday Season

If you are someone that does a lot of hosting during the holiday season, you likely do a thorough cleaning of your home prior to having guests. Your floors should be a major focus of that cleaning because they are constantly being used by you family and your visitors.

Put Down Protective Mats

You should consider putting down welcome mats at all entrances along with entryway mats in entrances and hallways. Having welcome mats at the doors will encourage people to wipe their feet, getting mud and water off of the bottoms of their feet. It will also protect your entrances from getting filthy or worn from constant footsteps crossing back and forth. If you want, you can purchase some festive holiday mats that will help people get in the holiday spirit before they even get inside.

Cover Bottoms of Furniture

If you are planning to put out extra furniture for guests, you should know how to protect your floors from that furniture. Wooden and metal chairs can easily scratch wood or tile floors. You should consider putting protection on the legs of those chairs. You can purchase felt protectors for a relatively cheap price that will easily stick onto the bottom of furniture and prevent scratching. You should also consider buying these for any tables that you might be moving around to accommodate guests.

Encourage the No-Shoe Policy

When people arrive, do your best to ask them politely to remove their shoes. Although some people might think that this is forward, you have every right to do so. People should understand wanting to preserve your floors and having people take their shoes off help with that. If you feel awkward asking people to take shoes off, you can purchase a cute sign to hang on a door as a reminder.

Get Floors Cleaned Ahead of Time

The majority of people believe that you should be getting your floors professionally cleaned after the holiday season is over. It does make sense to get your floors cleaned after all of the foot traffic has died down but you should really be getting your floors cleaned before the holiday season. Getting your floors cleaned will ensure that your home smells fresh and appears clean to guests as they arrive. If your floors are clean, it can help make the rest of your home look much cleaner as well.

It is important to maintain and upkeep your floors, especially during the holiday season when they are being walked on more frequently. If you are looking to purchase new floors before the holiday, contact Carpet Closeouts.