Maintaining Your Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is a popular flooring option for kitchens and bathrooms. Its water-resistant quality makes it ideal for rooms that experience spills and high-traffic areas. Although vinyl is a great flooring option, it requires special care to maintain it. Maintaining Vinyl Flooring

Here are a few things to remember when cleaning vinyl floors:

Be Gentle 

When it comes to removing stains, be gentle. Harsh brushes and scrubbing pads can be abrasive and cause scratches in your flooring. Not only do scratches damage the floor, but they create little grooves dirt can get stuck inside of. Instead, use microfiber towels to wipe up messes and dirt. 

Clean Daily

Floors need to be routinely maintained to ensure they last as long as possible. Daily activities will cause dirt to accumulate on your floor. Be sure to sweep your floors every day or as often as possible. You can use a traditional bristle broom or a dry mop. 


Mopping helps to clean stuck-on dirt and also gathers small dust particles that could have been left behind after sweeping. When mopping, be sure that your mop is damp, not soaking wet. Be sure to use a solution that is strong enough to clean, but mild enough not to damage the floors. 

A simple cleaning solution with water and apple cider vinegar can clean your floors. Mix one cup of apple cider vinegar with one gallon of warm water. Use this solution to mop your floors. 

Preventing Floor Damage 

The best thing to do for your vinyl flooring is to take preventative measures to ensure they do not become damaged. A great way to protect your flooring is to add an area rug or small rug near the entryways. This will help reduce the amount of dirt and debris tracked in from outside. 

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