Luxury Vinyl Plank Vs. Hardwood Flooring

Luxury Vinyl PlankIn the old days, going way back, everyone had hardwood floors, didn’t they? These days, thanks to advancements in flooring and flooring materials, there are several options to choose from, including luxury vinyl plank as well as good old hardwood flooring.

Can vinyl rival hardwood flooring? Yes.

The Benefits of Luxury Vinyl

While hardwood floors are known for their timeless beauty, they’re limited to the availability of wood species and the ease/possibility of customization and design. Hardwood floors can be expensive– you’re paying for a lot of work to go into finding and creating these floors out of real, actual wood. Luxury vinyl doesn’t rely on trees from a forest (which costs $ to chop down and turn into flooring). Instead, vinyl planks employ the use of a photographic image layer that can mimic the look of real wood– at much less cost. So, vinyl planks have a nature-realistic look even though they weren’t, technically, created in nature. Meanwhile, today’s planks can even involve layer texturization, so they “feel” like real wood.

What are some other reasons luxury vinyl planks work well today? They’re durable and stable. Unlike hardwood, which is porous and requires a protective coating, vinyl can work well in areas where there’s liquid (like bathrooms) and/or climate damage potential (like enclosed patios). Since vinyl is a synthetic material, it’s resistant to moisture and climate. Owners who have luxury vinyl planks like to say they require “little to no upkeep.” If someone spills something on their floor, they just wipe it up with water and a towel.

One of the reasons people like luxury vinyl planks is because they help “save the trees.” Think about this: if you have hardwood floors, that means a tree or several trees had to be cut down from a forest. With vinyl, though, all it took was a photograph of a tree– so, buying vinyl actually does help save the trees/forests. Plus, vinyl can be made from recycled products– another reason it’s eco-friendly.

Finally, consider the cost. The average hardwood floor costs between $8 -$25 per square foot, while luxury vinyl plank runs between $2 and $5. Carpet Closeouts offers vinyl plank here.

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