Invest in “Green Carpeting” with Carpet Closeouts

For those of you interested in having carpet in your home which is environmentally friendly, aka “green,” you should consider visiting Carpet Closeouts in Phoenix to check out carpeting made of DuPont™ Sorona® renewably sourced fiber.


One of the first high-performance fibers derived from rapidly renewable material, Sorona® represents textile innovation for the 2000s. In an effort to help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, DuPont™ smartly developed Sorona®, a corn-based polymer containing 37 percent annually renewable plant-based ingredients. Furthermore, producing Sorona® uses 30 percent less energy and releases 63 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to the production of traditional nylon used in carpets of similar quality and durability. It’s good to know that there is carpeting available today which helps reduce society’s carbon footprint.


Mohawk, a top carpet manufacturer, utilizes DuPont™ Sorona® in their “SmartStrand® Collection.” Mohawk chose to use Sorona® because its unique attributes give Mohawk the freedom to offer homeowners a superior carpet option—one that is beautiful, soft, and durable. In addition, stain resistance is built-in rather than sprayed on, making the carpet easy to care for and clean over time. Customers have given Sorona® carpets rave reviews.


Carpet Closeouts is a green carpet and flooring store in Phoenix committed to preserving the environment while providing Arizonans with eco-friendly rugs at an affordable price. Come feel Sorona®/SmartStrand® carpet on your feet in person. Carpet Closeouts is located at 17442 N. Cave Creek Road in Phoenix. Call 602-493-7700 for hours, directions and any questions you might have.