How To Remove Play Dough, Glue, or Paint from Carpets


Stain resistant carpets are outrageously hard to mar (just check out our post on the SmartStrand challenge), but they are not completely impenetrable from some abrasive solutions or things like play dough, or glue, which is inevitable if you reside with young children.


When something like this happens, it doesn’t mean your carpet is ruined, it just means that you have some scrubbing to do, but there is a way to remove those sticky hard substances from your carpet.


 First, you want to allow the substance to dry before attempting cleaning. This will keep the mess to a minimum and it will become possible to remove. If you try scrubbing wet paint, glue, or play dough into a carpet, it will only exacerbate the problem.


Secondly, you’ll need a butter knife, or a spoon. Carefully and slowly, scrape the substance off as much as you can without cutting the carpet fibers.


After you finish, use a damp washcloth with a bit of isopropyl alcohol on it. Blot it at the stain, and avoid rubbing it, because that could also make the mess larger.


At this point, the stain should be gone, but you’ll want to wash the stained area with dish soap and warm water, just in case.


Finally, rinse the carpet thoroughly to remove any cleaning agents, and towel dry.