How to Keep Your Carpet Looking Brand New

New Carpeting If you really want to keep a carpet looking brand new, don’t put anything on it, including furniture or feet! But, really, how practical is that? Not that practical, right?

Avoid Shoes

Okay, seriously, if you want to keep your carpet looking brand new there are some things you can do. For starters, don’t wear shoes on it. Instead, take shoes off when you first enter the home or building. If and when you do wear shoes on carpet, realize this: you’re tracking in dirt! Meanwhile the tread on shoes is typically hard, such that it’ll wear down carpets faster than bare feet or soft slippers.

Carpet Protection

What next? How about adding strategically-placed carpet protection? For instance, if you have a chair that rolls around, put a mat down over the carpet– that way the rollers are rolling on the flat mat, rather than messing with the carpet below. And use an area rug that you don’t mind getting dirty for the area or areas where there’s a lot of foot traffic– thus “saving” your other carpeting from getting as dirty.

Strategic Vacuuming

Do you vacuum regularly? If so, good. When you do, sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet before you actually run the vacuum. This helps keep the carpet looking and smelling fresh over time. By the way, if you vacuum your carpet about three times a week, it’ll stay looking “brand new” longer than if you only vacuum it once every couple weeks. Also, it’s better to slowly vacuum, in order to pick up all the dirt. Fast vacuumers tend to not get all the dirt they should because they’re just too fast.

Professional Cleanings

Should you pay for professionals to come do a deep cleaning of your carpeting? Yes, if you want to keep it looking brand new, then you should have it professionally cleaned twice a year.

Remove Stains Before it Sets In

Finally, to keep your carpet in great shape, if and when it gets stained do whatever it takes to get that stain out of there before it “sets in.” You can use products from the store for such purposes, or resort to club soda (for wine/beer spills), ice cubes (to freeze and remove gum), and/or shaving cream to remove stains.

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